TRI-COUNTY Most Valuable Players

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1979 Dave Keeny Upper Perk
1980 Wayne Covely Salisbury
1981 Greg DeMatto West Allentown
1982 Mike Kline Gilbertsville
1983 Rich Rush Gilbertsville
1984 Bob Graber Upper Perk
1985 George Horn North Parkland
1986 Bob Kile Quakertown
1987 Brett Simock North Parkland
1988 Scott Davis Quakertown
Dan Yannes North Parkland
1989 Joe Aleszczyk Allentown Angels
1990 Jeff Evans Gilbertsville
1991 Jeff Evans Gilbertsville
1992 Ray Thompson Silver Creek
1993 Bob Drumbore Gilbertsville
1994 Rich Guman ICC Pirates
1995 Mike Merkel East Texas
1996 Mike Merkel East Texas
1997 Mike Merkel Cetronia Longhorns
1998 Glenn Kushma Limeport
1999 Frank Johnson Jordan Creek
2000 Matt Marcks Tri-City
2001 Greg Gilbert Gabelsville
2002 Ben Swatsky Tri-City