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Trico Site Tutorial


The Tri-County League site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 7

Download IE 7 for free here:




Using the new navigation bar


When you are using the new navigation bar, when you hover or put your mouse over any of the teams under the "Teams" option, another menu should pop up to the right like you see in the picture below, giving you 8 options to click on for each team.




If you do not have Internet Explorer 7, this second menu will not pop up.


Also, the transition from the "old" site to the "new" site is not 100% complete. Some links will take you back to the "original" Trico site until the almost 5000 pages from the "old" site are updated. Please bear with us while this transition takes place.


For people who do not want to use IE 7 or use different browsers that do not allow you to see all of the drop-down boxes on our new navigation bar, don't worry, all links will be posted on the landing pages or the team pages and you can still use the old navigation bar on the bottom of the Home page.



Navigating the Schedule or History pages


When you are browsing the 2007 schedule page or the history pages, there are many links to click on. Below is the top part of those pages. The big green arrows at the top take you to the next or previous season. If you click on any of the underlined teams in the LEGEND section, that team's schedule page will come up.





If you click on any of the underlined numbers within the dark green calendar (above), it will take you to a new page with all the game results listed for that day (below). The green back arrow under the 2006 (below) will take you back to the 2006 History page (above). So if you click on about 25 different dates within the dark green calendar (below), you are still just one click away from getting back to the 2006 History page. You also have the options to click on the stat sheets, website articles or Morning Call articles on the page below.





So back to the History page and the calendar on the lower portion of the page (below). If you click on any of the underlined numbers on this calendar (below), this will also take you to the Results Page (above).




If you have any problems or questions navigating through the new Trico site, please click below and email Steve.

Email Steve