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 Wednesday, June 16, 1999




Catty, Banko's top BML; three gain ground in Tri-Co

But there are not many surprises in the two leagues. BML/Tri-Co notebook.

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Defending champion Catasauqua and Banko's both leapfrogged upstart Bethlehem Township at the top of the Blue Mountain League standings last week. And Gabelsville, Jordan Creek and ICC gained some ground on divisional leaders Cetronia, Stahley's and Tri-City in the Tri- County League.

Still, not a whole lot changed in the area's two top adult amateur leagues in the week that, because of Monday's complete washout, ended Sunday.

Only 2-1/2 games separate first place from fifth in the BML. And, although all three slipped a bit, none of the three Tri-Co divisional leaders lost their holds on the top spots.



* Standings (as of June 14): 1. Catasauqua Black Sox (12-3); 2. Banko's Orioles (12-4); 3. Bethlehem Township Pirates (13-6); 4. (tie) Martins Creek Creekers (10-6) and Northampton Giants (10-6); 6. Hellertown Royals (7-9); 7. (tie) Lower Nazareth Phillies (6-9) and Limeport Dodgers (6-9); 9. Saylorsburg Lakers (6-11); 10. Roseto Bandits (4-12); 11. Bethleon Blue Jays (3-14).

Who's hot: Northampton, Catty and Banko's.

The Giants, before losing to Catty Tuesday night, made the most headway, posting a 4-0 week to move into a fourth-place tie with Martins Creek, which did break a four-game losing streak but wound up with only a split of its four games.

That pair remains only 2-1/2 games back of the Black Sox, who swept their three games, two behind the Orioles, who went 3-1. Catty's wins were significant, since two were over Bethlehem Township and Banko's. Those two wins lifted them into sole possession of first, a half-game ahead of the Orioles and a game ahead of the Pirates.

Banko's, which began the week tied for second with Catty, behind Bethlehem Township, also knocked off the Pirates, who had a so-so 2-2 week to drop to third.

* Who's not: Saylorsburg (0-4), Roseto (1-3) and Lower Nazareth (1-3).

* Treadin' water: Bethlehem Township, Martins Creek, Hellertown (1-2), Limeport (2-1) and Bethleon (1-2).

* This week's biggies: Catty went to Northampton Tuesday night and cooled off the torrid Giants to protect its own hold on first place. The Black Sox face another tough road challenge Thursday, facing off with Martins Creek at Pacchioli Field. Bethlehem Township at Northampton merits top billing on Sunday's full five-game slate.

* Noteworthy: Hellertown player-manager Bob Zerfass whacked two home runs in the Royals' 9-7 win at Roseto last Saturday. No big deal?

Zerfass is 56 years old.



* Standings (as of June 14): West South: 1. Cetronia Longhorns (10-3); 2. Gabelsville Owls (8-2); 3. South Whitehall Serpents (6-5); 4. Upper Perk Chiefs (5-8); 5. Milford Pioneers (2-12); North: 1. Stahley's Mariners (7-3); 2. Jordan Creek Gators (6-7); 3. Northern Yankees (5-7); 4. Lehigh Township Brewers (5-8); 5. Allentown Senators (1-11); East-Central: 1. Tri-City Fleetwings (13-3); 2. ICC Pirates (10-2); 3. Limeport Bulls (7-3); 4. Sports Page Red Sox (6- 7); 5. Silver Creek Orioles (1-11).

* Who's hot: Jordan Creek, ICC and Gabelsville.

The Gators won three straight (from Lehigh Township, Allentown and Sports Page) to gain 1-1/2 games on Stahley's and jump from fourth to second in the North. The Mariners still enjoy a 2-1/2-game lead after splitting two games. Their loss was to Sports Page, 8-0.

The Pirates capped a big 3-0 week with a 10-2 romp over East- Central pacesetter Tri-City Saturday. That moved them to within a game of the Fleetwings (although they actually lead the division, and the entire league, in winning percentage -- .833 to the Fleetwings' .813). The 'Wings went 2-1 for the week.

Tri-City and ICC began to play again Monday at Lehigh, but a thunderstorm ended the proceedings after 1-1/2 innings with the Fleetwings leadiing 2-0 on Dave Toth's first-inning dinger.

The Owls beat cellar dwellers Milford and Allentown in their only two starts to trail Cetronia by a half-game in the West-South. Like ICC, Gabelsville leads its division by winning percentage (.800 to the Longhorns' .769). Cetronia went 2-1, losing to Tri-City 10-5.

* Who's not: Allentown (0-4), Silver Creek (0-4), Milford (0-3) and Lehigh Township (0-2).

* Treadin' water: Cetronia, South Whitehall (2-1), Upper Perk (2- 1), Stahley's, Northern (1-1), Tri-City, Limeport (1-0) and Sports Page (1-1).

* This week's biggies: First place in the West-South Division will be on the line tonight when Cetronia visits Gabelsville. The Longhorns will then tackle North leader Stahley's, on the Mariners' Scherersville turf, Friday. Tri-City will face two important weekend tests. The Fleetwings will host Gabelsville Saturday and visit Limeport Sunday.

* Notable: In my account of Tri-City's 10-5 win over Cetronia in last Thursday's paper, I mistakenly referred to the Longhorns as defending Tri-Co champions.

Since then, one e-mailer and one faxer alertly reminded me that South Whitehall, not Cetronia, is the reigning Tri-Co kingpin. The Serpents beat the Longhorns in an "all Cedarbrook" 1998 title series.

* Keep us posted: We think we have everyone's records correct through Monday. But we certainly aren't positive. They do reflect every result that has been phoned into The Morning Call -- but we have a hunch a few teams haven't bothered to call.

Rainouts no doubt explain most of this, but here's a list of previously scheduled games (with the original dates) for which we have no results. If any were played, please report the final scores to Ted Meixell (e-mail; voice mail 610-559- 2152; fax 610-258-1749).

BML -- Roseto at Banko's (5/8); Banko's at Martins Creek (replay of 10-10 tie 5/11); Lower Nazareth at Northampton (5/17); Roseto at Limeport (5/19); Limeport at Lower Nazareth (5/23); Northampton at Catty (5/23); Hellertown at Martins Creek (5/23); Hellertown at Saylorsburg (5/29); Limeport at Bethleon (replay of 5-5 tie 6/1); Banko's at Catty (6/5).

TRI-CO -- Limeport at Silver Creek (5/8); Northern at Lehigh Township (5/18); Jordan Creek at Silver Creek (5/18); S. Whitehall at Stahley's (5/19); Northern at Jordan Creek (replay of 2-2 tie 5/20); Gabelsville at Cetronia (5/23); Allentown at Milford (5/23); Stahley's at ICC (5/23); Silver Creek at Limeport (5/23); Gabelsville at Stahley's (5/ 24); Limeport at Northern (5/24); Silver Creek at Tri-City (5/24); Allentown at S. Whitehall (5/29); Sports Page at S. Whitehall (6/12); Gabelsville at Lehigh Township (6/ 13); Northern at Stahley's (6/14); Silver Creek at Upper Perk (6/14); Cetronia at Sports Page (6/14).


From The Morning Call -- June 16, 1999

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