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 Sunday, May 12, 2002




With league at 13 teams, Gablesville goes for Tri-Co title No. 13

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The Tri-County League hopes 13 is a lucky number.

The league is up to 13 teams after adding the Banko's Athletics to the mix.

The league will feature a 36-game regular season for each team with the top seven advancing to the postseason.

Gablesville, the three-time defending champ, is going for title No. 13, and 12th in 19 years.


Manager: Jason Strunk.

Home: Scherersville No. 5

Key players (all ex-Yanks): P Rob Gontkosky (.455. 32 RBIs, 3-0 2.29 ERA); Mike Palos (.492); Mark Davis (.371); Jud Frank; Strunk (.331); P Scott Bolasky.

Outlook: This is not a typical new franchise. Most players were Northern Yankees and in playoffs last year.


Manager: George Horn.

Field: Cedar Brook Park.

Last year: Eighth, 12-21.

Key players: Luke Bricker; Jeremy Warmkessel (.367); Brian Polaha (.336).

Outlook: After disappointing 2001, Horn added Adam Berrigan, Ben Brignola, Chris and Kyle Peters in hopes of a playoff return.


Manager: Mike "Doc" Moyer.

Field: Gabelsville A.A.

Last year: First, 28-4.

Key players: League MVP Greg Gilbert (.472, 7 HRs); Jeff Evans (.396); A.J. Bohn (.371); Dave Pence (.459); Matt Danner (.374); P Justin Konnick (3-1, 2.17 ERA); Bob Graber (2-0, 0.78); Jon Eidle (6- 0, 3.46 ERA).

Outlook: Losses of Shawn Betz and Lew Chillot hurt, but Owls stillloaded.


Manager: Mike Brosious.

Field: Bethlehem Twp. Park.

Last year: Fourth, 18-13.

Key players: Dave Stauffer (.390); Cory Schneck (.301, 6 HRs); Kyle Ruff (.311, 26 RBIs); Josh Mohlman (.357).

Outlook: Anything but a Final Four appearance would be disappointing.


Manager: Dave Snyder.

Field: Scherersville No. 1.

Last year: Sixth, 14-19.

Key players: P Shawn Cadden (.400, 4 Ws); Fabian Acevedo (.365, 26 R); Chris Schrampf (.349); Tony Toth (.340); Juan Lopez (.340).

Outlook: Gators were in playoffs two of last three years and will count on pitching depth for a return.


Manager: Mike Cunningham.

Home: Off Route 191.

Last year: T-ninth, 11-21.

Key players: Shane Danner (.380); Heath Faust (.361); Terry Hoff (.333); Chris Kishbaugh (.371, 35 RBIs); Todd Litts (.407); P Mike Stretchay (7-4).

Outlook: Second-year team shouldn't encounter sophomore jinx.


Manager: Don Rosenberger, Sr.

Home: Lower Milford Middle Sch.

Last year: 12th, 5-28.

Key players: Andy Rinehimer; T.J. Shaughnessy; Mike Wozniak; Ron Hack.

Outlook: Pioneers have eight new players in search of new W-L record.


Manager: Lee Higgins.

Field: Scherersville No. 5,

Last year: T-sixth, 14-19.

Key players: Jeremy Smith; Brian Buchman; Randy Metzger; Matt Goldman; Juan Martinez.

Outlook: Rebuilding year with new faces from variety of non- Valley places.


Manager: Bruce Sokol.

Field: Scherersville No. 5

Last year: 11th, 6-27.

Key players: Mark Bentz (.366); Eric Csencsits (.308); Will Flores (.298); Jay Rothhausler (.340); P Jeff Stoneback.

Outlook: Serpents have more stability in lineup. Team thinks it has added enough key players like Jeff Fischl, Jose Medina and Tony Marrero to make a return to playoffs. Manager: Bob Fatzinger.


Manager: Bob Fatzinger

Field: Scherersville No. 1.

Last year: Second, 27-6.

Key players: Matt Marcks, Dan Dillon, Justin Godusky, Josh Gunkle, Dennis Kinney, Ben Swatsky, Dave Toth.

Outlook: Fleetwings took Gabelsville to limit in finals last year and have enough talent to win at all again.


Manager: Jeff Moyer, Matt Rush.

Home: Upper Perk H.S.

Last year: T-ninth, 11-21.

Key players: Moyer (.340, 5-3), Rush (.346), Dan Pierce, Mike Bergstrum.

Outlook: Youthful Chiefs think they have a shot at postseason.


Manager: Shawn Andrews.

Home: Bryfogle Park, Berlinsville.

Last year: Fourth, 24-9.

Key players: Brandon Leslie (.528, batting title); Steve Smull (44 R, Tri-Co record); George Gillespie (.372); Omar Torres (.383); Bryn Lindenmuth (.389); Eric Schmitt (.438); P Dylan Dando (5-0, 0.85 ERA); Leslie (5-0, 2.81 ERA); Justin Hilgert (5-1); Josh Friebolin (4-3).

Outlook: Additions of Jeremy Bartha and Bill Fatzinger make this already strong team even stronger.


Manager: Chad Arnold.

Home: Limeport Stadium.

Last year: Third, 25-7.

Key players: Glenn Kushma (.453), Steve Unger (.500), Kevin Kershner (.368), P Arnold (7-2, 1.51 ERA), P Randy Baer (4-1, 1.71 ERA).

Outlook: Bulls lost Pete Remaly, but added P.J. Yoder. Joe Pochron's return from injury is another key in keeping Bulls among league's best.



From The Morning Call -- May 12, 2002

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